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Five short supercharged videos

Each course will teach you how to grow your business by enhancing your client experience, articulating your value, and improving communication with buyers and sellers.

2 Difficult Questions Sellers Will Ask, and how you NEED to answer them.

      | 12:24 min

A surefire method to get your buyers to say what you want every single time.

      | 17:18 min

Earn a high-net income per hour so you can have a LIFE.

      | 19:20 min

Case Study: How 2 Windermere Agents Went from 0–50 Deals In 12 Months

      | 15:01 min

5 Magic Questions For 2021

      | 15:03 min

Hear why our agents are loving these videos.

Misty Medina
West valley broker + agent
I love Fridays with Fanning!
This business can be emotionally draining sometimes and his videos are like a little pick me up.
connie elliott
union park agent, top 500
Michael's videos are a breath of fresh air.
He is a breath of fresh air in this turbulent market. You always feel energized and motivated after watching.
doug olson
union park broker + agent
A great diversion.
His renewing strategies are a great diversion in this crazy market.

meet your instructor + WINDERMERE SVP

Michael Fanning

"My mission in education is to help Real Estate Agents achieve work-life balance and help them realize their true potential."

Michael has personally taken more than 4,300 agents, managers, owners, and staff through Windermere’s Ninja Installation training program and regularly speaks to large audiences about positive mindset and business growth. Michael also regularly teaches classes for Windermere Professional Development about technology, social media, and business development.

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How do these masterclass videos work?

Upon enrolling, you will receive an email with a link to gain instant access to all 5 videos — however we know that’ll get buried — so you’ll continue to receive a new video each Friday, until you have received all five. And if you checked that box, new videos will keep coming as they are released!

Is this really free? What’s the catch?

Yep. Free-ninety-nine, as the kids say. Just sign up here and you’ll get access to the 5-part masterclass series. There’s no catch; think of it as Windermere’s way of spreading around the love (and learning) in 2021. A rising tide lifts all boats.

What else does Windermere have?

We have something pretty special here at Windermere, so we get this question a lot. If access to a vast arsenal of training materials like this masterclass series, one-on-one mentorship, a generous split structure, and a work fam where everyone is invested in your success sounds like your kind of brokerage, then reach out to our VP of Business Development, Monica Draper. She'll be happy to answer any questions you have!